We are your gateway to creating an inspiring and relaxing holiday break on the little known pearl at the heart of the Mediterranean, the island of Gozo.

Through Experience Gozo, you can create the holiday you want and deserve

We are totally customer led and will do our utmost to ensure your experience of Gozo is memorable for all the right reasons!

We only work with the best local partners, who will provide you with a quality customer experience.

So what can we do for you?

Our focus is the period September to June, the glorious ten months of the year, when we believe Gozo is at its best.

We can recommend and arrange comfortable and good value Accommodation to suit all budgets and personal circumstances and where you can just chill out and unwind.

We specialise in putting together complementary fulfilling Activities for you; whether creative, challenging, energetic, experiential, meditative or therapeutic.

We capitalise on the islands small size, as nowhere is more than 15-20 minutes drive. You can mix and match as you wish. Activities can be arranged on an individual, couple, family or group basis, allowing you maximum flexibility. 

In fact if you don’t see what you want on our activities pages.... Ask and we will do our best to arrange it!!

We hope you will soon come and Experience Gozo

Experience Gozo