Wellness & Therapy

Wellness and Therapies

To complement your Gozo holiday, why not treat yourself to some soothing and relaxing holistic therapies, delivered by our qualified professional partners at competitive prices.


Sports-, Swedish-, Thai massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stones and Ayurveda (Indian head massage) as well as others are all available and in some cases can be delivered to you at your holiday accommodation premises. Reflexology for instance, is a holistic therapy that aims to treat the cause not the symptom and if part of our system is not functioning well, it affects us as whole person. It is an excellent tool for alleviating a wide range of ailments.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is an ancient system of physical and mental discipline which affects all aspects of one’s being. Using techniques like physical postures, breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation yoga calms and focuses the mind, stills the emotions whilst healing the body.

Yoga works from the inside out and the combination of breathing and postures activates the network of pressure points and meridians that run through the body, create balance within the glandular system and hence ourselves. It is a journey of self-discovery to creating harmony, well being and balance on every level.

The slow pace of life and peace and tranquility on Gozo make it the perfect place to practice or learn Yoga and Meditation as part of your tailored program or as a retreat. It can be combined well with any of our other activities and compliments.


Reiki  is subtle and effective form of energy healing, which brings about healing at physical, mental emotional and spiritual levels.


Studies and testimonials of subjects prove Aquaflow releases joints, activates cellular metabolism as well as the blood circulation. It may deepen your breathing and bring overall well being.

AquaFlow will help you in any of the following situations;

· You are looking for some deep relaxation, far from the daily stress.

· You are seeking better body and mind awareness and who just want to let go

· You have some aqua phobia.  AquaFlow allows you to make ‘friends’ with water in a gentle and self-determined way.  You wish a gentle mobilization of your joints and a more flexible spine

· You feel overweight and want to feel your body “pure” and absolutely weightless, while joints and the whole supporting apparatus experience a pleasant relief


Do you long for happiness?  Are you lacking in confidence or motivation? Do you handle stress well? Believe nothing can be done to overcome fears or phobias? Battling with your weight or addictions? Ever wish you could control your anger? Has your doctor told you there's nothing more he can do you?

Effective techniques to improve your emotional and ultimately your physical health are available on Gozo;

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Energy Psychology) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)