Agriculture, Food & Cookery

Late summer brings Figs, Pomegranates, Prickly Pears and Grapes and the start of the Lampuki (Dorado) season; October it’s time to harvest, process or press the Olives and experience taste and flavour never found in a commercial bottle;  December and the New Year is the time of plentiful citrus fruit; early spring brings huge cauliflowers, broccoli and other vegetables; March the start of fine strawberries and the famous broad beans.

The traditional Mediterranean diet, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, herbs, spices and of course olive oil, is widely recognized as healthy and nutritious.

On Gozo, at the centre of the Mediterranean, you have the opportunity to experience first hand and learn about traditional Maltese agriculture, harvesting and food preparation.

Whilst in northern Europe, we have become accustomed to the availability of all year round fruit and vegetables, often tasteless and with large carbon transport footprints, traditional Gozo agriculture revolves around the culinary year, set by the seasons and rainfall patterns.

The abundant fresh fruit and vegetables, strait from the trees and fields of Gozo have a taste that bears no relation to their Northern supermarket equivalents.

Wild Caper Flower Wild Thyme

In May we harvest the wild capers and indulge in the first of the exquisite peaches and other soft summer fruits, in early June the wild thyme bushes explode into purple before the land goes to sleep for a couple of hot midsummer months.

Depending upon the time of year, you can learn to make fresh cheeses from sheep and goats milk, pickle and process capers and olives, harvest sea salt, make carob syrup and harvest your own food from the available wild plants; rocket, mustard and artichokes that grow in abundance on Gozo.

Local farmers and cooks will also help you make traditional Gozo appetizers and dishes such as, the broad bean pate (bigilla), Maltese tomato and olive oil bread (hobz bis-zeyt), or Rabbit stew (istuffat tal fenek), etc.

- or just enjoy them in many good local restaurants