Our Very Special Island

A small island, at the heart of the Mediterranean, surrounded by an azure sea.

A tranquil and peaceful place, where the traditional rural life revolves around small scale farming and traditional fishing, set amongst lovely landscape and spectacular coastal scenery and with beautiful night skies.

A heritage going back from centuries to a few thousand years.

A unique and authentic destination with no airport. Yet an island that is very accessible via Malta (3 hours flight from Northern Europe), allowing you to feel less guilty about your carbon footprint compared to many winter destinations.

A place where the friendly local people have time for you and the laid back pace of life is still as it once used to be elsewhere.

A destination where you can indulge in your passions, rediscover yourself, rebuild relationships or just take time out.

This is our Gozo and our vision of true alternative tourism:

Gozo is the smaller, sister island of Malta, close to Sicily and about one third the size of Malta but much proportionally less populated. Gozitans feel a great pride in being different to Malta and regard their island as the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of their larger neighbour! Are you looking for:

Experiences that feed your mind, body and soul?

Opportunities to re-connect with who you are and what and who matters to you?

You find this on Gozo, in an environment of magnificent Mediterranean light, of possibilities for relaxing exercise and wellbeing activities, supported by fresh locally grown food.

Gozo is one of the most overlooked islands in the Mediterranean - a largely rural, magnificently rocky, very quiet hideaway with fantastically quirky architecture (think Levantine augmented by vast baroque/goofy … stuff) and a completely unique identity.

-Travel writer and novelist Douglas Kennedy in 2006